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Ants enjoy living in colonies, so the ones that you see invading your counter tops more than likely aren’t the only ones on the inside of your home. They will make their entrance into a home through any tiny holes or crevices on the outer portion of the home. This is the exact reason as to why it is so important to inspect the outside of the home during the warmer months to ensure that there are no entry ways for them to get through, along with any of the other unwanted house guests. If you aren’t positive of where to look or just want to make sure that the job is done right, give our Go Irving Pest Control and Exterminators technicians a call today to make an appointment for the evaluation/treatment of your home. We are expertly trained and possess all of the licenses to prove it. Don’t make a mistake, call us and speak with our exterminator experts today!

They will typically enter the home because they are in search of a food source for the colony or they need to escape harsh weather conditions, such as the extreme heat or a heavy snow. As soon as they have found a food source inside of your home, they will then carry it back to their colony and make several more trips until the food is gone. When taking the food back to the colony, they will leave behind a pheromone trail, many times referred to as an Ant Trail, or an Ant Path. When they begin to make their way back to the source of food, all they have to do is follow the scent trail that they left behind. Other can also pick up on this pheromone trail and in-turn they will have access to the food source as well. They prefer to feed upon sweet and/or greasy meal options, so it is important to clean up after every meal and ensure that no food is left behind on the counter tops/stove. Even food left on plates in the sink/dishwasher can attract them!

Active signs that they are in your home

If you’ve begun to notice ants inside or even near the exterior of your home, it is time to give our Irving, Texas professionals a call! If you wait too long to do anything about the situation, you could be dealing with an even bigger infestation than what you were expecting. Our technician will make sure to thoroughly inspect your home and seal up any crack or crevice that could possibly be used as an entry way to the home. When applying the treatment to the inside of the home, we make sure that you and your family are safe and not only will we eliminate them that you see in the kitchen, but our professionals will make sure that the colony is eliminated altogether. Our company will ensure that we are leaving your home pest free, guaranteed! Our treatment options include services every week if needed, monthly, bi-monthly and even annually. If you’re ready to give our treatments a try and eliminate the ants from taking over your home, be sure to pick up the phone and give our pest specialists a call today at (972) 445-7245. You’ll be glad you did!

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