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Ants live in colonies, so when you see one ant there is almost always more nearby. Ants can get into a home through any small cracks or holes in a home. Even when carefully inspecting the outside of your home, it it is often hard to figure out where they are getting in. If you don’t know where to look, don’t worry, our ant specialists can help to find the entry points and make sure that the ants don’t return.

Our pest experts are ready to help you get your home back from ants and make sure that they never come back! Give us a call today!

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Ants will enter a home because they are in search of a food source for the colony or they are trying to escape harsh weather conditions. Once inside a home ants will create a colony. These colonies often times aren’t inside the home but instead they are around the base of the home. If there is an ant colony right by your home the ants will search for food inside of your house.

While ants are looking for food they leave invisible chemical trails that help them find their way back to the colony. After they have found food they will return to the colony so that other ants can follow their trail to the food. This is why you will see lines of ants trailing to and from a food source.

Ants often prefer food that is sweet or greasy. It is important to clean up after every meal and ensure that no food is left behind on the counter tops/stove. Even food left on plates in the sink/dishwasher can attract them. Immediately sweep up any crumbs from the floor as well.

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If you have begun noticing ants inside or near the exterior of your home, you should call our Irving ant control experts. Don’t wait too long to call us about your ant situation, or it could become much worse.

Our pest experts will make sure to thoroughly inspect your home and seal up any crack or crevice that could possibly be used as an entry point to your home. When applying treatments to the inside of the home, we always make sure that you and your family are safe.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver only the best of results, regardless if we’re treating for ants or another pest entirely. Nobody should have to share their personal space with bugs or rodents and our job is to help you live pest-free.

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If you’re ready to give our treatments a try and stop ants from taking over your home, give our pest specialists a call today. Have a question? Just ask us! Many times we can provide a ballpark estimate for services without inspecting your property. Sometimes an inspection will be required in order to fully and efficiently treat the pest invading your space. If you need pest control services in Irving, TX or a nearby area, don’t hesitate to call us right away.

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