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Irving Area Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Entry Ways

                Bed Bugs can enter a home through a number of ways. Many of our customers have called to complain about bed bugs after they’ve returned from a vacation or weekend getaway. Bringing in used clothing or furniture before having them properly

Bed Bug Control Irving TX

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cleaned is another way that these sneaky pests can enter your home. Even letting someone inside of your home who has recently had bed bugs can in turn cause their bed bugs to make their way into your house. Bed bugs have even been known to enjoy hiding inside of the bindings of old books!

How to Identify a Bed Bug

                Bed Bugs are in the shape of an oval and are approximately the same size as an apple seed. Their bodies will tend to be flat and brown, but if they have just had a meal they will be all puffed up and will take on a reddish color. A bed bug cannot fly; however this doesn’t stop them from quickly taking over the rooms of a home. The eggs

of a female bed bug are nearly impossible to spot because of the fact that they are merely the size of a speck of dust; great for them, terrible for you. If you are un-protected and un-suspecting of these bugs, it will give them the perfect opportunity to enter your home, pick a room to breed in and spread throughout the home from there. When trying to determine if you are dealing with a bed bug situation, there are certain signs a homeowner should always be aware of.

Signs of a Bed Bug

                The first noticeable sign of a bed bug would be waking up in the mornings with bites all over you. The bites can go unnoticed at first, but will soon begin to itch.  The bites can appear anywhere on the body from the face, neck, hands, arms, legs, sides and even your feet! The next thing you can do is check your mattress and the bedding that you use on the mattress. If the bed bugs have in fact taken up residence in your mattress, you will see tiny splotches of brown and red all over the mattress and even your sheet. These splotches you see are actually the bed bugs’ fecal matter from feeding off of you! If that isn’t enough to make you want to get rid of these pests then just wait, there’s more! Baby bed bugs will shed their skin up to 5 times, if not more, before they become an adult. You can also find these on your mattress if the bed bugs are truly present.

                If you have discovered a bed bug or numerous bed bugs inside of your home or if you aren’t sure that it really is bed bugs that have invaded, give our bed bug control Irving experts a call today and leave it to us to locate and eliminate the problem. Don’t wait until you already have an invasion to do something about protecting your home. In the end, this can cost you double, maybe even more, of what it would have cost you to treat your home properly. Pick up the phone and give Go Irving Pest Control and Exterminators a call today at (972) 445-7245 to learn more about bed bugs and what our bed bug control Irving experts can do for you when it comes to keeping these unwanted house guests out of your home, and especially out of your bed!

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