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      If you are unsure of what exactly a silverfish looks like or even what a silverfish is, Go Irving Pest Control and Exterminators is here to tell you! Silverfish have long, slender flat bodies that grow smaller the closer towards the back end you get. They can be anywhere from ¾ of an inch to ½ an inch in length and of course, are silver in color. Silverfish cannot fly; they don’t even have wings!  If you have ever come across a silverfish, it was more than likely at night being that these pests are nocturnal. Silverfish thrive in areas of high moisture such as a laundry room or basement. If there are any leaking pipes inside of your home, you can easily come across silverfish in this area as well. The number one suggestion that any pest control company can give their customers regarding silverfish/a silverfish invasion would be to keep control over the humidity level in your home! Silverfish cannot live without a high-moisture area therefore reducing the moisture percentage in your home can drastically reduce a silverfish population and the chance for an invasion if you have yet to experience one.

When it comes to silverfish control, our highly trained specialists here in Irving, Texas possess the knowledge and equipment required to complete a successful pest control treatment. Licenses can be shown upon customer request Go Irving Pest Control and Exterminators wants our customers to feel safe and secure when choosing our silverfish control treatments. Nothing is used in your home that our technicians wouldn’t use in theirs!

    Our silverfish control Irving professionals will examine both the interior and exterior of the home and apply our treatments where necessary. Treating around the exterior of the home will help to keep not only silverfish but many other pests from trying to enter the home. Applying a treatment to the inside of the home will eliminate any silverfish that are still trying to make their way through the structure of your home, along with any other pests that have found their way inside of your residence.

      Silverfish can bring damage upon many different items in a home such as paper, cardboard, wallpaper pastes, book bindings, starches and linen. They will also feed on any surface molds present because of high moisture levels in an attic or basement.

Available below are just some of the prevention tips necessary to help you to keep an invasion out of your home:

  1. Fix any leaky pipes in and around the home. Be sure to check the basement and laundry room or anywhere else that water is or was present
  2. If you have boxes, clothing or furniture stored in the attic then it would be in your best interest to inspect them for damage such as tiny holes from chewing or the silverfish themselves
  3. Seal up any holes, cracks, crevices or other entry ways that can be seen on the exterior of the home
  4. It is extremely important to keep the basement, laundry room and bathroom dry at all times; especially the bath tub!

                If you follow these steps and still notice damage to items such as paper, clothing or cardboard due to chewing or see the silverfish themselves, give our silverfish control Irving professionals a call today at (972) 445-7245. Our technicians are waiting to jump on the job and provide you with the best pest control service in town. Don’t wait until it’s too late; give us a call right now!

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