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Termite Prevention

Termites can cause a large amount of damage to your home if they aren’t properly taken care of in time. They will feed mainly upon the wood of your home but will also chew on books, paper, insulation and even the lining of a swimming pool, along with the filtration system. They will even begin to feed upon the trees around your home that have begun to rot and hollow. You will notice them more in the spring time than any other season because of the fact that they like to uproot in the spring and fly to try and find a cooler place to live. This is the number one reason as to why it is so important for a homeowner to ensure that there are no entry ways on the exterior of the home for the termites to squeeze through or even any other type of pest. If you suspect that an invasion is occurring in your home or if you just want to take all precautions necessary to avoid a pest infestation, be sure to give our specialists a call right away!

Our technicians will first inspect the area in question for an infestation or, depending on the client’s situation, the technician will inspect the outside of the home for pest entry ways before beginning the treatment process. Any gaps, crevices, cracks or other possible entry areas should be inspected and cleared out before sealing them up. Instantly sealing a crack upon discovery can lead to more damage than what you had originally because of the mere fact that you could be sealing them up in the walls and foundation of your home. After each of the entry ways have been taken care of, our technician will begin the treatment of the exterior to ensure that they and other pests are kept at bay. Our company will work with and around your schedule as not to interfere with your daily activities. Routine treatments are always available to our customers and can be scheduled with our technician; we provide our pest control services, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and even annually!

It is important that you, as a homeowner, know the difference between ants and termites. These insects look so similar in appearance that many homeowners mistake it for an ant. Unfortunately, we receive a larger call volume from the majority of our customers because of the fact that they noticed the damage from them before they had even seen the termites themselves. Listed below are a few key significant tips in helping you tell the difference between the both.

                     Termites:                                                                                                             Ants:

                      -Straight Waist                                                                                              -Pinched Waist

               -Straight Antennae                                                                                         -Antennae are curved

                       -Identical wing length                                                                                  -Wing length is un-symmetrical

                Also, check in and around your windowsills for discarded wings. If these are present then you more than likely have a termite issue on your hands. If you have noticed any type of winged insects that look like flying around your home, but have yet to see any shed wings around the window sills of the home then more than likely you are dealing with a flying ant issue and not them.

                If you have identified them on your property or if you are unsure of what insects have begun to take over your home, give our professionals a call today! We will come out and inspect your property, identify the intruders and eliminate them in no time. Our technician will then treat the home to ensure that these winged insects won’t be coming back. If you’re ready to make sure that your home and your family is protected from a termite invasion, give us a call right now at (972) 445-7245.


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